COEXPAN, the plastic division of Grupo Lantero, pledged that it will increase the recycled content of its PET products to 70% by the year 2025 in line with an announcement made by PET Sheet Europe.


Image: COEXPAN is a manufacturer of rigid plastic sheets. Photo: courtesy of COEXPAN.

Along with other PET Sheet Europe members, COEXPAN said that it has increased its commitment to the circularity of plastics and apart from that, appeals to authorities to foster effective laws for the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging.

Currently, the Grupo Lantero unit utilizes half of its recycled material in its rigid PET sheets manufactured mainly in the manufacturing of packaging for foodstuffs, personal hygiene products, household products and other industrial applications.

The rigid plastic sheets manufacturer has three production plants in Spain, Italy and Germany. The three European plants specialize in the extrusion of PET-based and rPET-based, mono-, medium- and high-barrier plastic sheet to be used for food packaging and industrial applications.

It also has another two facilities located in France, which are engaged in thermoformed packaging that manufactures trays and other rPET-based products for food packaging.

The company said that the current percentage of recycled PET in its products is more than the average content of other leading European manufacturers, which is at 45%.

However, COEXPAN said that it will continue working on new packaging solutions that, whenever feasible, include recycled material, to ensure optimal conditions of product quality and safety and enabling the recycling goal set for the year 2025 to be achieved.

COEXPAN CEO Dinis Mota said: “The future of packaging poses major challenges for our society. Our commitment in this direction is to design optimal and sustainable packaging solutions, with the main polymers such as PS, PP, PET and PLA, that guarantee the preservation and protection of products and ensure the responsible use of our natural resources.”

In August, the Grupo Lantero division said that it subsidiary COEXPAN-EMSUR BRASIL secured the AENOR certification that guarantees compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The certification given jointly to the COEXPAN and EMSUR divisions are for the manufacture of rigid coextruded plastic sheets and flexible films suitable for food contact.