UK based manufacturer Parkside International is said to have reduced machine downtime and saved energy with a hard wearing, non stick coating from Poeton Industries that eliminates the need for costly PTFE tape.

During Parkside’s high volume bag manufacturing process, heated sealer heads are used to close parts of the bags. To prevent the plastics material sticking to the heads, the company had been applying a special Teflon/PTFE tape. However, whilst the tape was effective it was also expensive and caused frequent machine hold-ups, becuase it needed replacing after a sealing run of just six hours.

An initial trial of Poeton’s Apticote 810TP coating on one machine proved so successful that Parkside is now running coated heads on two machines and planning to use them on the remaining two machines in the near future.

The coating is said to have improved the efficiency and productivity of the two machines substantially by eliminating both the downtime needed to replace tape and the cost of the tape itself. There is also a useful reduction in energy costs, as the coated heads are able to operate at a lower temperature – down from 170degC to 150degC.



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