Milliken Chemical and Rexam Pharma have developed a transparent PP pill container for OTC, non-prescription drugs in place of the more traditional opaque polyethylene packs.

Enhanced product differentiation, the ability to remind consumers how many pills are left and, if used with prescription drugs, the opportunity to incorporate a colour coding reference, are just three of the benefits envisaged.

White opaque polyethylene is generally favoured for its moisture and UV light barriers and clean, clinical appearance, but Milliken says its new container breaks from tradition.

The clarified PP pack exploit’s Milliken’s ClearTint colourant technology for its transparent colouring and US Pharmacopaea-compliant U/V resistance.

“A see-through pill jar is a novel idea, particularly for the very conservative pharmaceutical market,” says Rexam Pharma sales and marketing director Marc Hamel. “However a clear, coloured jar can provide advantages for both consumer and marketeer.”

Alongside supplying ClearTint masterbatch, Milliken helped fine-tune colours during pilot production. Two transparent colours – green and red – have so far been produced but the range will be extended.