Designed with Tetra Pak and other fluid packaging companies in mind, CDVI is IP certified for wet wash down with acid and alkali cleaning agents for corrosion resistance. Its smooth profile should make it ideal for hygiene sensitive industries in the food packaging industries.

The clean design means the valve terminal block can be mounted directly on a machine, minimising the distance between the valve and actuator. Closer proximity of automation components reduces pneumatic pipe runs to provide better actuator response, explains Steve Land, Festo manager for food and packaging.

The body is made from durable PP on an anodised aluminium baseplate with stainless steel fixings and chemical resistant PVC seals. It is available in 5/2-way, 5/2-way double solenoid, 5/3-way and 2 x 3/2-way solenoid valve configurations. A modular design incorporates eight valves into the basic terminal block configuration, expandable in modules of two valves. CDVI also features capability for future integrated fieldbus connectivity to enhance flexibility.