Clariant has introduced new Sorb-It Pharma desiccant bags, which can be used for bulk pharmaceutical applications.


Image: Clariant’s Sorb-It Pharma desiccant bags. Photo: courtesy of Clariant.

Sorb-It Pharma desiccant bags, which are filled with silica-gel desiccant, are available in a range of standard sizes such as 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g and 400g.

The new desiccant bags are suitable to be used for bulk drugs, finished drugs during excursion (transport) and storage, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and work-in-process..

Clariant new desiccant bags are comply with the US Pharmaceopeia USP testing requirements for auxiliary packaging components, said the company.

Clariant healthcare packaging product manager Mark Florez said: “The introduction of Sorb-It PHARMA desiccant bags marks a final milestone in Clariant’s plan to produce its pharmaceutical desiccant lines in ISO 15378 certified production environments.

“ISO 15378 is gloally recognized by the pharmaceutical industry, and it is important that we offer our full range of products accordingly.”

Florez also noted that the company recently invested in a new ISO 15378 GMP certified facility at its Belen, New Mexico, US, to support the production of new Sorb-It Pharma product line for bulk pharmaceuticals.

Clariant also manufactures Sorb-It Pharma desiccant bags at its facilities in Dongguan of China and Romorantin of France.

The company also produces two other types of pharmaceutical desiccant products, including packets and canisters, which are used in finished drug product containers.

Recently, Clariant unveiled new additive solutions for North American manufacturers at this year’s NPE event in Orlando, US.

The company said the solutions will support better innovation and sustainability in sectors like automotive and packaging with their increasing interest in advanced plastics.

At the event, the company has showcased additive solutions for plastic packaging, including AddWorks LXR 568 stabilizer.

The new stabilizer holds capacity to significantly reduce resin discoloration during the injection molding process, as well as in finished articles.

In addition, the firm showcased Licolub FA 1, which is an FDA compliant and vegetable-based wax that can be used in various packaging applications for homogeneous colorant dispersion and better surfaces.