Italian paper technology firm A.Celli Paper has confirmed its collaboration with the China-based paper company Shanying Huazhong with the supply agreement for two latest generation E-WIND P100 Rewinders.

4June paper

Image: A.Celli Paper to supply two latest generation E-WIND P100 for Shanying Huazhong. Photo: Courtesy of A.Celli Group.

Shanying Huazhong has ordered the Rewinders for its mill located in Zhangzhoi City, China.

A.Celli has said that E-WIND P100 paper rewinders are highly developed in terms of design to have a paper width of 6,660mm and operate with a maximum production speed of 2,500mpm.

The rewinders are combined with sophisticated technological innovations, including advanced Slittomatic double motor cutting unit positioning system, web-in technology, and automatic system.

The advanced features of the machine are aimed at maximising the management of positioning cutting units without the need to break the web, to save time and provide safety for operators, along with the jumbo roll parking station and shuttle for handling.

The Italian paper technology firm said that the two rewinders have been selected by the Shanying group to process medium board paper, with a basis weight ranging from 80gsm to 160gsm.

In 2016, the Liansheng Paper, a part of Shanying Group, had already purchased two other rewinders, with the same width, and last year the group has bought two large 8m-width paper rewinders.

A.Celli claims that supply of its paper rewinders E-WIND confirms its partnership between Shanying Group and underlines the success of its E-WIND paper rewinders.

In May 2019, A.Celli has announced that its Chinese customer Shan Don Sun Honghe Paper has signed a new contract for the order of the E-WIND P-100 paper rewinder, expecting delivery by July 2019.

The new rewinders are intended for Shandong plant and are planned to be installed downstream of the PM36 and PM37 paper lines.

The machine has the design speed of 2,500mpm, with the mother roll width of 6,660mm and is expected to be dedicated to the production process of Medium Liner Board paper.

In addition, it is equipped with the Slittomatic Web-in automatic system, allowing the slitting units to be positioned without breaking the sheet, with considerable time savings.