The company will build a new line at its Edmonton factory in north London to boost the production of sustainable products.


The new production line at Edmonton factory will produce sustainable packaging solutions (Credit: Coca-Cola European Partners)

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has unveiled plans to invest £20m for the development of a new production line at its UK facility to produce sustainable packaging products.

The company will build the new line at its Edmonton factory in north London to boost the production of sustainable products.

With the latest investment, Coca-Cola’s total spend into its operations extended to £150m in Great Britain this year.

The new production line will produce bag-in-box products

The new production line, which features energy-efficient machinery and robotic packers, will produce bag-in-box products.

The foodservice and licensed operators can use the bag-in-box products to enclose concentrate, which can be mixed with carbonated water to dispense draught soft drinks to their customers.

CCEP’s new format helps to avoid the use of consumer packaging and requires less water, serving as a sustainable option to deliver soft drinks.

According to the company, the new packaging helps to reduce the impact on the environment by eliminating 48,400 tonnes of CO2.

The current move is one of the several announcements made by the company as part of the multi-year investment programme. Since 2010, the company’s investment has reached £650m in Great Britain.

Coca-Cola made significant investments to improve production lines at its Wakefield, Sidcup and East Kilbride facilities to produce sustainable products.

The company invested £40m to modernise two canning production lines at its Wakefield and Sidcup sites to produce the latest lightweight cans for CCEP. Coca-Cola also used £39m to install automated storage and retrieval system warehouse at its Sidcup factory

In addition, the firm used £15m to replace plastic shrink-wrap with cardboard for all multipacks of cans across Great Britain

CCEP vice president and general manager Leendert den Hollander said: “We are committed to investing for the future, increasing the scale of our investments in new technologies and efficient processes, as well as investing in and supporting our people to ensure they’re continuing to grow, learn and develop in line with new technologies and systems.”

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola unveiled new bottles made partly from recovered and recycled sea plastic. Around 300 samples, described by the company as a world first, have been produced using 20-25% marine waste retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches.