Apartnership between The Tag Company and AGI Amaray is bringing an unprecedented level of security to thieves’ favourite booty – DVD and video games.

Red Tag has been developed by The Tag Company to enable retailers to more openly display DVDs and games, while minimising the threat of theft. The system is inserted into the Amaray DVD-Safe disc box, locking the disc to the box and locking the box shut, securing an EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) label inside.

Anyone attempting to tamper with the goods will find plans to resell the items as a pristine pack scuppered. The patented locking system is designed to break the package and/or damage the disc unless the tag is removed by the store at point of sale.

Conversion to Red Tag compatible versions of Amaray’s DVD-Safe case for Europe began early this year and will be completed by January 2003. The tag is said not to impact the production process or cost and will reduce security handling at retailer level, compared to case-keepers or behind the counter bagging.