The high compression strength of AssiDomän’s Frövi Bright cartonboard and a computer program developed in-house by the Swedish company have helped create an efficient, cost-saving caseless packaging system for a leading catfood supplier to UK retailer Aldi.

While keen to maintain the shelf impact of the Vitacat catfood from Continentale Nutrition, Aldi was also determined to cut packaging and handling costs, so insisted the packs should be directly loadable on the pallet on small trays with only shrinkfilm as the cover. By rearranging the trays in-store, supermarket staff can ensure customers are presented with an eye-catching, easily accessible range of flavours.

For maximum visibility the Vitacat cartons feature an open window and a top opening which serves as a handle, both of which reduce compression strength when packs are stacked. Continentale Nutrition plant manager Anthony Fagot doubted the Aldi-proposed system would work, and suggested deeper trays. Aldi, however, insisted the trays be low for optimum retail display. Converter Cartonnages Gaultier suggested using Frövi Bright due to its high compression strength.

To optimise the design and ascertain the required cartonboard grammage, AssiDomän used its Optipack computer program, with which users can quickly and effectively ascertain the most efficient, functional materials for any given pack.

Since the pack was non-standard, it also tested it at its PackLab laboratory before eventually selecting 390gsm Frövi Bright as the cartonboard.

Converters wanting to use Assi’s PackLab testing facility, which measures critical elements like compression strength, can manufacture test packs and undertakes physical tests, can now access it online alongside Optipack.