Cascades Fresh packaging solutions will help better meet the requirements of producers, packers, and retailers


Cascades has launched new packaging solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables. (Credit: Jasmine Lin from Pixabay)

Eco-friendly packaging and recycling solutions provider Cascades has introduced a new packaging line for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.

Cascades Fresh packaging solutions have been designed to better meet the requirements of producers, packers, and retailers.

The new packaging solutions will also help address the consumers’ concerns regarding the environmental footprint of their foodstuffs.

Via a new range of products, Cascades is said to bring the circular economy to life by using different types of cardboard and recovered plastics to provide a full and multi-material range of eco-friendly, recycled, and 100% recyclable products to minimise the environmental footprint of packaging used in the produce sector.

The different products comprise PETE, LDPETE and cardboard, baskets, carriers and corrugated cardboard boxes, in addition to multiple sturdy and leakproof options.

The new packaging solutions will efficiently preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables

Cascades packaging solutions allow preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables from harvest to the table, as well as enables to transport across the supply chain.

The new packaging solutions, which also help to grab the attention of consumers, are in line with FDA and Health Canada’s food safety requirements.

Cascades containerboard packaging president and chief operating officer Charles Malo said: “Cascades has been providing eco-friendly solutions for the food industry for decades, including trays, cup carriers, boxes and a wide range of packaging for producers, wholesalers and retailers.

“With the launch of Cascades Fresh, we are refining our service offering and reaffirming our leading position in the growing packaging solutions market, all while enabling consumers to eat fresh. As enjoying food is part of our daily lives, our aim with these solutions is to make it easier to get fresh food to the table while also minimizing the impact on the environment.”

In May, Cascades introduced new packaging solutions for e‑commerce applications. The new product line, dubbed Cascades e‑com packaging solutions, includes a range of customised, creative, and sustainable packaging solutions for companies marketing their products online.

Established in 1964, Cascades has a network of more than 90 facilities in North America and Europe. It employs around 12,000 people across its operations.