The 70,000ft2 new facility is an addition for manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and shipping capabilities


Cargill is a privately held global food corporation. (Credit: congerdesign from Pixabay.)

Cargill has opened a $34M expansion of its Animal Nutrition & Health facility in Temple, Texas. Construction of the 70,000 square foot addition for manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and shipping capabilities began in January 2018 and was completed in August 2019.

The Temple, Texas facility is optimally located to serve Cargill’s farm and ranch feed store owners and beef feed customers with reduced transportation costs for local customers and increased manufacturing capabilities.

“The investment in Temple is about serving our customers and supporting the growing Texas farm and ranch feed store and beef feed markets,” said Daryn Kracht, managing director Cargill Animal Nutrition North America. “We are thrilled to be able to serve our customers better as we continue to invest in the Temple community.”

“The Texas feed market has always been central to our animal nutrition business,” said Joe Comte, sales manager. “We are excited to offer improved access of our Nutrena, Record Rack and Cargill branded product lines to our farm and ranch feed store customers and the animal owners they serve.”

The Temple facility currently employs 26 people and is capable of producing nearly 500k tons of bag and bulk animal feed per year. In addition to the Temple facility, Cargill operates in 13 locations across the state of Texas, employing 3,947 Texans through its Animal Nutrition & Health, Grain Processing and Distribution, Starches and Sweeteners, and Protein businesses.

Source: Company Press Release