Thermo Electron Corporation has launched the AC9 SS system, which it claims sets new accuracy levels in can check-weighing and runs at 700 cans/min.

The Ramsey AC9 SS boasts significantly reduced product give-away, working to accuracy levels of ±100mg when checking cans at high speed.

Designed and built by the Process Instruments Division of Thermo Electron, the checkweigher features a patented weighing rail system in place of traditional chain conveyors.

These are said to adversely affect performance by increasing vibration and creating chain noise. Handling cans and jars up to 1k, the checkweigher minimises product waste by using a high speed air blast reject system, which diverts a single product into a holding bin rather than rejecting several times.

The impressive speeds are said to be attainable as the weighing rail system reduces the distance required between cans. Additionally, a strain gauge weigh cell provides accurate weighing and continuous auto-zero to compensate for thermal drift, debris build up and condensation.