A DuPont Cromalin AQ4 installed at UK printer of wet glue labels Buckleys is said to be increasing proofing turnaround times and providing greater accuracy and consistency. Steve Trotter, production director comments: “The new AQ4 has enabled us to provide customers with an internally produced colour correct proof without the delay and inconvenience of using an external supplier. We have seen dramatic improvements in turnaround times, with the ability to supply proofs in just one hour, as opposed to the previous 24 hour time frame.”

The new Cromalin AQ4 has enabled Stockport based Buckleys, to produce a proof on the actual material that would be used for the job. Previously the company provided a digital or wet proof from an external repro house, an Epson proof or a colour photocopy. With the AQ4 it now has the capability to be more consistent over a range of jobs.


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