The digital solution will help Britvic in the digitisation of its laboratory analysis processes and will enable the traceability of internal processes in less than a minute


Britvic announces adoption of SIG’s PAC.TRUST solution. (Credit: SIG)

Packaging company SIG announced that beverage firm Britvic has selected its PAC.TRUST solution for the digitisation of its laboratory analysis processes at two of its Brazilian facilities.

UK-based Britvic will adopt the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Digitalisation modules of the PAC.TRUST solution to enable the traceability of internal processes quickly.

According to Switzerland-based SIG, the digital solutions will be implemented in operations at Britvic’s plants in Astolfo Dutra and Araguari, Minas Gerais (MG) and Aracati, Ceará (CE).

SIG said that the PAC.TRUST solution is a tool to digitise monitoring and quality records. When operational, the tool will bolster the quality control processes and brings more agility.

Britvic will no longer need to convert physical records to multiple spreadsheets, providing more security to information within the respective plants.

Additionally, the digitisation of operations will reduce errors and deviations because of incorrect records caused by duplicate data entries. It will also speed up simulations and effective traceability actions, streamline audits and add more reliability to all supply chain operations.

With PAC.TRUST in operation, Britvic can strengthen its commitment to product quality and its growth strategy.

Britvic Brazil industrial head Petro Toé said: “Britvic is a company committed to the quality and safety of its products.

“We are always innovating and looking for alternative solutions to improve our processes.

“With SIG’s PAC.TRUST, we are one step ahead of other companies in our industry, with a solution that allows us to digitalise internal production processes, automating all laboratory analyses at our plants.”

SIG’s PAC.TRUST solution supports customers to have complete visibility of the production chain for each package.

For Britvic, the Swiss packaging firm used the LIMS and Digitalizaço (Digitisation) components of PAC.TRUST solution.

The solution was implemented in 2022 and has made traceability eight times faster at the beverage firm. It has also reportedly reduced the weekly record checking time and quality data analysis time by 75% and 40%, respectively.