Approved by the FDA, TGA, and EU, Bentley, Perth-based cGMP manufacturing plant supplies drug products in over 90 countries across the world


Bridgewest to acquire sterile injectable manufacturing facility of Pfizer. (Credit: PRNewswire/ Bridgewest Group)

US-based private investment firm Bridgewest Group has signed an agreement to acquire the sterile injectable manufacturing facility of Pfizer Perth, a subsidiary of Pfizer.

Located in Bentley, a Perth suburb in Western Australia, the cGMP plant is said to be a sterile injectable manufacturing facility with approval from regulatory bodies including the FDA, TGA, EU and others.

It supplies its drug products, including speciality oncology drug products to over 90 countries across the world.

According to Bridgewest, the facility has extensive blow fill seal (BFS) capacity for producing sterile injectable essential drug products.

Additionally, the acquisition also includes a range of drug products from Pfizer to market and expand globally.

Bridgewest Group executive vice president and chief operating officer Adam Gickling said: “We have very good people working diligently to complete the transaction and to transition the facility, processes, and high calibre staff to Bridgewest Group. We anticipate the sale to close in the next several months and will work diligently to that end.

“Post-sale, the facility will continue to supply products to Pfizer under a manufacturing and supply agreement.”

In 2020, Bridgewest Group acquired Hospira Adelaide, an Adelaide-based producer of microbial medicinal substances, which it currently conducts business as BioCina.

It has been operating as a contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO). BioCina has now upgraded the Adelaide site to include pDNA and mRNA manufacturing capabilities, the investment firm said.

Bridgewest Group’s private equity portfolio covers a variety of industries and it entered the life sciences sector in 2005 with the establishment of BioDuro-Sundia.

The Bridgewest Group makes investments in a variety of fields, including medical devices, cell and gene therapy, and medication discovery and development.