The quest for extended product shelf life with active packaging has taken a step forward with the launch of self-adhesive, oxygen scavenging labels from Cryovac Sealed Air Corporation.

Cryovac FL labels overcome the ‘foreign body’ perception associated with sachet packs – the conventional format for oxygen scavengers, which are placed inside the pack. Conventional pack appearance is maintained as the powder-free scavenger can be applied to the lidding film of a pack or hidden behind a printed area or product label.

Oxygen scavengers are gaining acceptance in MAP applications, with premium deli-style meats becoming a key market.

The oxygen scavenging labels are said to prevent oxidation, therefore preserving flavour and oxygen sensitive nutrients, reducing the need for food additives. Additionally, growth of micro-organisms is inhibited, while discolouration and deterioration of oils and fats is reduced.