The new polypropylene production facility has an annual production capacity of more than 450 kilotons (kt)


Braskem completes construction on new polypropylene plant in US. (Credit: Braskem.)

Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem has completed construction and begins operations at its new polypropylene production unit in La Porte, Texas.

The new facility, named Delta, is said to be the first new polypropylene facility built in the US and also strengthens the company’s global capacity to serve the US market and to export to countries across the world.

The new facility has a designed annual production capacity of more than 450 kilotons (kt) or the equivalent of about 1bn pounds.

It can produce homopolymer, impact copolymer and random copolymers.

The new facility is expected to start commercial operations in the third quarter of 2020

The initial execution of production tests of the $675m facility will commence in July and is expected to begin commercial operations in the third quarter of 2020 while the plant’s commissioning process is underway.

Braskem North America vice-president Mark Nikolich said: “We are proud to announce the conclusion of construction of our polypropylene production unit, the newest in the United States.

“This plant reinforces Braskem’s global business strategy and reaffirms our commitment to clients worldwide, especially in the US market.”

The firm has five other polypropylene facilities in the US, three in Texas, one in Pennsylvania and the other in West Virginia.

Altogether, the six facilities have a total production capacity of approximately two million kta.

Braskem North America polypropylene director Alexandre Elias said: “We are well-positioned to bring the new PP production line online in the market, especially given the expectations that our global value chain will draw on the competitive positioning of propylene and polypropylene in North America for exports.

“The combination of stronger demand and export opportunities will enable us to ramp up production at the new plant.”

Recently, Braskem America, a polyolefins and biopolymers producer, has unveiled plans to construct a new Global Export Hub in Charleston, South Carolina in the US.