Designed to unitise pallets of chilled or frozen goods for deep freeze storage within the food industry, Cold Grip is water/glycol based, non-toxic, biodegradable and FDA approved. It can be applied to products in a variety of packaging such as sacks, bags, cartons or cases in conditions down to -7°C. Stabilised loads can be subsequently stored down to -20°C.

Cold Grip is said to avoid the problems of condensation forming when pallet loads of corrugated boxes are wrapped in stretch film in chilled conditions. This leaves boxes susceptible to soaking moisture and loosing stability.

Eliminating stretch wrapping has become a practical solution and Cold Grip is designed to stabilise the load by allowing natural airflow to cool the palletised products and prevent moisture build-up.

The system locks packaging surfaces together preventing lateral movement. But with an upwards lift the surfaces ‘pop’ apart without leaving a sticky residue, obscuring graphics or damaging the pack. It will not affect the recycling characteristics of the packaging and after use there is nothing to dispose of. Lock n Pop will also allow pallets to be partially de-stacked without affecting the remaining load.