Boxed Wholesale, an e-commerce company, has partnered with TemperPack Technologies to develop and test environmentally-friendly thermal packaging to keep its chocolates from melting during the summer months.

TemperPack Technologies Boxed

Image: Boxed's new sustainable packaging. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto/TemperPack Technologies, Inc.

Boxed senior operations manager  Ludivine Ni said: “Many of our competitors have to hold orders for chocolates and other desserts during the hottest months of the year due to melting. We know our customers really love these products, so we wanted to develop a method to ship them all year round without risking melting. We see this as another way to delight our customers, as well as a competitive advantage.

The new packaging allows Boxed to serve its customers in the 1-day and 2-day delivery zones with chocolates and other desserts during summer, but without creating the unnecessary packaging waste often associated with delivering temperature-sensitive products.

“We really wanted to focus on sustainability and customer experience,” commented Ni.

TemperPack co-CEO James McGoff said: “A lot of businesses are trying to sell temperature-sensitive products online right now, and many of them rush into it without putting enough thought into the thermal performance and sustainability of the packaging.

“Working with Boxed was refreshing. As they thought through shipping chocolates in the summer, they wanted to be sure that the packaging was thoroughly tested, that it was beautiful and on-brand, and that the materials were as sustainable as possible.”

Source: Company Press Release.