A robust multitrip folding PP pallet container, the Raubox folds to within one third of its operational size for the return journey or storage and weighs 40kg. It can be loaded with 500kgs of product and stack 4-high when operational. Raubox is an accessible option for a small and medium sized companies as minimum orders are down to 10 units.

With its tilt/slide hinged lid and concertina wall design assembly takes one movement. Ease of loading is achieved through a large, hinged access door that incorporates a document wallet. The modular design means that if any part of the box is damaged only that part needs to be replaced and the Raubox can go on working.

Options for the Raubox include an Interlayer, a horizontal shelf capable of carrying a load of 250kgs. Customisation is also possible with printing of company logos.