Bosch Packaging Technology, a division of engineering firm Robert Bosch, has opened a new competence center in Koenigsbrunn, Germany, for filling and packaging of liquid and viscous food.


Image: Complete filling solutions for the dairy and food industry. Photo: courtesy of Robert Bosch GmbH.

Bosch said Tthe 450m² facility, dubbed Ampack Technikum, houses three test rooms for food products, production lines and packaging materials first-hand.

Each section carries out several stages of testing and analysis depending on the products, production and packaging requirements of a customer.

A microbiological laboratory will undertake chemical and technical assessments, as well as evaluate the sterility of selected packaging materials and machine components.

Various sterilization tests will be carried out by the Ampack team. The team will also undertake research on innovative decontamination methods for sustainable packaging materials.

The team will run mechanical tests in the second room and exmaine the dosing and sealing process in sterile conditions.

The company said that at this stage, the team technically fine-tunes the dosing and sealing process with customer products for ensuring an optimum dosing result and sealing quality.

Customers will be allowed to fill product samples for advertising and marketing purposes on the company’s aseptic lab filler.

The third room will be used by Bosch professionals to complete the testing phase and develop new functions for the chosen packaging materials, machine modules or applications.

It features space to test run a complete filling machine for validating machine performance under realistic conditions. The team will also optimize the manufacturing process with respect to handling and usability, and provide other services like hands-on training for enhanced maintenance.

Bosch Packaging Technology general manager at Ampack Centre of Competence for aseptic filling Rico Randegger said: “With over 40 years’ experience in hygienic pre-made cups and bottles filling, we want to share our knowledge and help our customers address market needs and industry trends at this state-of-the-art facility, as well as further improving product safety and production performance.

“To emphasize the importance of innovation and knowledge, we have employed a doctoral student at our Technikum who will work with our experts and external partners.”