Under the partnership, the new Aino packaging tubs and lids are moulded in Bornewables polypropylene (PP), made by Austrian chemical company Borealis


Froneri Finland has adopted Bornewables polypropylene from Borealis for the packaging of their popular Aino brand ice cream.. (Credit: Froneri Finland Oy)

Borealis has collaborated with ice cream firm Froneri (Finland) and packaging specialist PACCOR (Germany) to convert the packaging of its ice cream brand Aino to a sustainable offering.

Under the partnership, the new Aino packaging tubs and lids are moulded in Bornewables polypropylene (PP), made by Austrian chemical company Borealis.

The material is manufactured with 100% recyclable renewable feedstock and certified by mass balance accounting under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC PLUS) scheme.

The partnership aligns with Borealis’ Consumer Products goal of ‘Making everyday living easier,’ as well as the company’s EverMinds efforts and initiatives for industrial partnerships along the value chain.

The Bornewables PP feedstock comes from second-generation biomass, waste, and residue streams and allows for easy traceability from the manufacturing process to the final application.

Furthermore, brand owners can use a representative label or moulded-in information on the packaging to document the certified renewable content.

Borealis Consumer Products global commercial director Peter Voortmans said: “Implemented within just 12 months from concept to market, the new Aino ice cream packaging is an excellent example for what can be achieved by the collaboration to transform the plastics industry on its road to carbon neutrality.

“We are very proud about our contribution to the success of this joint project, which has once again confirmed the perfect fit of our Bornewables polymers in high-quality and high-performance packaging solutions.”

The new Aino ice cream packaging lids and tubs are injection moulded from Bornewables PP by PACCOR in an integrated process with in-mould labelling decoration.

Furthermore, the renewable material is employed as a highly efficient drop-in solution for the partners’ production and packaging lines, requiring no additional adjustments.

For end-users, the Bornewables material meets all requirements for durable and safe food-contact packaging that can be frozen, while reducing its climate effect and possibility of fossil depletion.