It has been the season to be merry and most people in the packaging industry seem to know how to do that fairly well!

But then comes the ‘let down’ period when Visa card bills become due, Christmas tree needles have dropped all over the carpet and it seems to be dark all day. So what we need is something to look forward to and what better than the Packaging Industry dinner and Starpack Awards Ceremony.

This year these are being held together on Tuesday, 30 March at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, National Exhibition Centre to coincide with the Total 2004 Exhibition.

The Starpack Awards have attracted world-class sponsorship including support from RPC, Seven Worldwide, Rockware Glass, Pro Carton, PolyOne, and Listgrove.

  With such a superb venue and vast potential audience from Total visitors, it is not surprising that table reservations are going fast. So to avoid the risk of missing out on the industry event of the year contact Rebecca Clark at the Institute of Packaging who will help make sure you can be there to celebrate all that is best in packaging innovation and design – not to mention the chance for a jolly good party as well!

Total Exhibition promises packaging professionals even more than the earlier Pakex exhibitions because it combines four international shows including Pakex, PPMA, Eurochem and Interphex. This will have a unique appeal particularly to the packaging design industry and to marketeers and brand managers who can witness the latest advances in packaging and processing.

But Total is more than just an industry showcase. A comprehensive programme of seminars brings delegates face to face with experts in so many areas of our industry.

The IoP and the Packaging Industry Awarding Body Company are also hosting a series of presentations and speakers on the significant changes within the last year which have led to education and training possibilities available worldwide through these two organisations.

As it’s name implies, this is a total opportunity to gather intelligence on every aspect of packaging and its global importance.

John Webb-Jenkins is the outgoing chief executive of the Institute of Packaging