EcoCore is a new foaming technology that helps to create insulated, lightweight and durable packaging


EcoCore is a platform technology with multiple applications in food service, food retail, industrial chemicals and healthcare. (Credit: PRNewswire / Westfall Technik, Inc)

Plastic manufacturing solutions provider Westfall Technik has signed an agreement to promote Bockatech’s EcoCore foaming technology.

Under the deal, Westfall will promote Bockatech’s EcoCore foamtech to crucial prospects in the US. The agreement will also allow Westfall to expand the partnership to toolmaking and mass production for the nominated applications.

Westfall chief growth officer Jim Berklas said: “EcoCore is a very versatile technology with many high-value applications in foodservice, food retail, industrial chemicals and healthcare.

“We work with some of the best-known brands in the world and are always on the lookout for new technologies that will give them a significant competitive advantage.”

EcoCore is a new foaming technology for polypropylene plastics, which helps to create insulated, lightweight and durable packaging that is reusable and recyclable to improve sustainability.

EcoCore enables to create packaging with skin-foam-skin walls instantly

EcoCore, which has been optimised for use with Borealis polypropylene, is used to create packaging with skin-foam-skin walls instantly. It will help increase strength, reduce material use, minimise cycle times and boost thermal protection.

The skin-foam-skin walls also offer thermal insulation, helping to offer more protection than similar solid wall mouldings.

The platform technology can be used in a range of packaging applications, including food service, food retail, healthcare and industrial.

Bockatech CEO Chris Bocking said: “With growing consumer concern and legislation about sustainability, technologies that help brands tackle the issue and comply with laws across all territories are essential.

“EcoCore is helping brands transition to lightweight single-use packaging that can be recycled. And, explore new opportunities for low-cost reusables.”

In September 2018, Borealis and Bockatech have collaborated to develop foam injection moulding solutions for reusable and recyclable packaging.

Bockatech offers advanced plastic production technology under licence to support converters and brands to enhance the products and packaging for customers.

Westfall Technik offers highly-productive plastics manufacturing solutions to the healthcare, consumer packaging and consumer goods, and light industrial industries.

The company offers modern automated systems and correlative moulding processes, as well as effective industry 4.0 concepts.