Bobst is planning to present advances in silicone coating and film barrier applications at Bobst Italia Coating Days, which is scheduled to be held on 25 and 26 July 2018.


Image: A Bobst' technology. Photo: courtesy of BOBST.

Taking advantage of the opportunity provided by two impressive BOBST CO 8000 coating lines currently in its production facility, waiting to be dismantled for shipment to the new owners, Bobst Italia is holding a two-day coating event taking place at its site in San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy, on 25 and 26 July 2018. The lines are dedicated to silicone coating for release liners and film barrier coating applications respectively.

“The extent of the investment program that BOBST has committed to in recent years, in the development of innovative coating technologies for evolving market demands, is truly remarkable and continues unabated,” explains Detlef Merklinger, Head of the Product Line Coating. “As a result of our commitment, leveraging the performance of our latest products and installed customized solutions, we continue to introduce new developments and make inroads into different segments of the worldwide coating market.”

Under the banner of excellence in engineering the most efficient and best output quality solutions for substrate functionality, the Coating Days program lines up keynote speakers and brings together leading companies to share with participants the evolution, opportunities and challenges of two major segments of the coating market: silicone coating for release liners and barrier film applications.

The seminar sessions will take place in the afternoon of 25 July and in the morning of 26 July at a conference venue in the hills of Monferrato close to Bobst Italia’s facility. After lunch, the event will move to Bobst Italia’s production plant to see the two coating machines.

The CO 8000 silicone liner machine will be presented in dry run demonstrations. It features the most recent advances in silicone coating innovation, including BOBST’s innovative 5-roller coating technology, trolley type. The unit has a design speed of 1’000 m/min (3’200 fpm), which allows converters to reach unparalleled productivity levels.

The CO 8000 for barrier film applications will be shown in static mode. The line, exhibiting the innovative BOBST pressurized chamber, has been developed to process the latest generation of films and coatings for the growing barrier packaging market.

Both machines will highlight their unique web handling performance, which is the hallmark of BOBST technologies across a wide range of applications and printing and converting technologies.

Source: Company Press Release