Bobst is offering the latest generation of laminators, flexo presses, die-cutters and folder-gluers to the customers

master cutter

Bobst’s new MASTERCUT 106 PER die-cutter. (Credit: BOBST)

Bobst has unveiled a new vision for the packaging industry, as well as a new range of machines and solutions to better meet the requirements of the customers.

The company has unveiled a BOBST Connect open architecture cloud-based platform to provide solutions for pre-press, production, process optimisation, maintenance and market access.

BOBST Connect platform helps to maintain an efficient dataflow between digital and physical worlds

BOBST Connect platform facilitates an efficient dataflow between digital and physical worlds, as well as enables to manage the complete production process ranging from the client’s PDF to the finished product.

The company’s new products include the latest generation of laminators, flexo presses, die-cutters and folder-gluers.

Bobst has introduced products such as new MASTERCUT 106 PER die-cutter, the new ACCUCHECK advanced inline quality control system and the new digital recipe management tool for the customers in the folding carton industry.

The new MASTERCUT 106 PER is an advanced die-cutter that features advanced automation features that facilitate a major setup time reduction of 15 minutes.  With short and long run capabilities, the new die-cutter enables packaging manufacturers to conduct all types of jobs irrespective of run length.

Designed for die cutters, the new digital recipe management tool digital recipe management tool in combination with automated functions allows to save up to 15 minutes per job changeover, helping to simplify the interaction between converters and die-makers. The chip-equipped tools are automatically detected by the machine with TooLink Connected Tooling.

The new ACCUCHECK is an advanced inline quality control system that is incorporated into a folding-gluing line to check every package and eject non-standard boxes at full production speed.

Bobst’s new MASTERSTAR sheet-to-sheet laminator allows to deliver a performance of 10,000 sheets per hour and significantly reduces the base weight of the printed sheet.

The new MASTER CI flexo press, the MASTER M6 inline flexo press and the NOVA D 800 laminator are the new products for the flexible packaging industry .

Bobst’s new MASTER CI flexo press, which combines advanced smart technologies, allows conducting 7,000 jobs per year or 22 million stand-up pouches in 24 hours with one operator

The new multi-technology NOVA D laminator has been designed to deliver better technical and process performance with all run lengths, types of substrates, adhesives and web combinations

Bobst’s new MASTER M6 inline flexo press has the capacity to deliver quality short-to-mid-size runs of labels and packaging production.

Bobst has also launched products for all industries, including oneECG extended colour gamut technology designed to implement across analogue and digital printing for label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated board.

The new large format version of the Digital Inspection Table (DIT) is a new technology that integrates igital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blank, as well as offers real-time visual representations to match the product with digital proofs.

Bobst Group CEO Jean-Pascal Bobst said: “The digitalisation of printing processes is the most visible element of progress in the packaging industry.

“The coming years will likely see a major acceleration of digital printing and converting. While the solutions are becoming available, the biggest challenge for printers and converters is not the individual printing machines, but rather the entire workflow, encompassing converting.”

In April this year, Bobst launched new Nova SX 550 solventless laminating machine for brand owners and converters.