With speeds of up to 300m per minutes, the new machine range holds the capacity to produce a wide variety of box styles across a range of substrates


Bobst Novafold 50|80|110 folder-gluer models. (Credit: BOBST)

Swiss packaging machinery and services provider Bobst has introduced a new folder-gluer brand called Novafold for packaging companies.

The new brand includes products such as Novafold 50, 80 and 110 folder-gluer models, which will help packaging printers and converters to enhance capacity and end-product quality.

With speeds of up to 300m per minutes, the machines hold the capacity to produce a wide variety of box styles across a range of substrates.

The Novafold range is said to complement the company’s folding carton industry folder-gluer range, including Visionfold 50-110, Expertfold 50-110 and Masterfold 75-110.

According to the company, the machines can be installed with dedicated devices or peripherals to further enhance performance.

Bobst folder-gluers directors product line director Pierre Binggeli said: “Novafold is an example of this approach in practice, and we’re proud to launch this new machine to BOBST customers.

“The folder-gluer has the essential range of efficient and reliable features, from  highly steady feeder through to blank aligner, accurate prebreaker, flexible crash-lock module and 4 & 6-corner device.”

Bobst stated that the new machine range also benefits from quick setup on all types and most sizes, including 4 and 6-cornered boxes, that are produced at speeds of up to 18,000 boxes per hour.

With automated positioning and remote control for precision and faster job changes, the human machine interface (HMI) allows to save settings.

The Novafold also enables installation with the Accueject complementary device that delivers improved quality assurance.

Accuject, which operates in conjunction with all commonly used glue application systems, automatically eliminates boxes that do not meet the quality control specifications.

The device is said to offer ejection of faulty boxes at full speed, thereby helping to deliver quality finished products.

In June last year, Bobst launched several new solutions for the customers in the packaging industry.