Two new coated boards, designed to match the ever-increasing demands for higher quality colour reproduction and improved definition in screen and flexo printing applications, have been launched by Abbey Corrugated.

“The advances in both screen and flexographic printing over the last decade have been dramatic and demanding,” says Abbey sales and marketing director John Blackburn. “Both processes are now being used in applications which would have been unthinkable 10-15 years ago. We believe that in AbbeyScreen and AbbeyFlex we have developed two boards that meet these new demands.”

Abbey Flex, with its bright white, high lustre and smooth finish, has been developed for flexo printing of both fine line and half-tone graphics with high definition, good gloss and colour density, allowing in-line conversion.

Abbey Screen is a full clay coated board designed for “top quality” screen and litho printers, which will also accept all UV and conventional inks and varnishes.