The 181,000ft² facility, planned to be commissioned later this month, is intended to provide beverage canning services


Blue Marble Productions will open new canning facility this month. (Credit: Blue Marble)

Blue Marble Productions, a developer, processor, and co-packer of alcohol and non-alcohol-based products, is set to open new canning facility in Indianapolis, Indiana in the US.

The 181,000ft2 canning facility, which is planned to be commissioned this month, has been built to increase much-needed beverage canning services while filling a critical gap in the beverage industry.

A subsidiary of Blue Marble Cocktails, Blue Marble Productions has made significant investments to accelerate its business growth.

The firm is engaged in co-packing and private labelling sparkling fruit juices, kombuchas, vitamin wellness drinks, canned waters, and other spirit based seltzers for the beverage industry.

New facility to deliver over 450 million cans

The new facility will have the capacity to deliver over 450 million cans. It has scope for expansion to meet future production capacity to over one billion cans in 2021.

Blue Marble Productions founder and CEO Alan Miller said: “Expanding our footprint allows us to build another state-of-the-art production facility with plans for six lines and increasing our services and capabilities to include in-line sleeving, in-house microbiology, analytical testing, bulk liquid and ingredient storage, warehousing, and full 3PL services.

“Our expertise in slim/sleek-sized cans (200ml, 250ml, and 355ml) requiring carbonation or nitrogen dosing was just the beginning, as we are now set up to run 12 oz and 16 oz industry-standard cans.”

Blue Marble is planning to add malt and wine co-packing capabilities to expand its current spirit-based alcohol production in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The move forms part of the company’s continued expansion plans to include three additional co-packing lines planned for build-out in next year.

Blue Marble president and COO Brad Clatt said: “With the build-out of our next three lines, we will add up to another 1.5+ billion cans of production and provide co-pack customers three unique ways in which to secure their production for 2021 and beyond: (1) Purchase the next available planned line(s) within Blue Marble’s new facility; (2) Pre-pay for line time on our existing lines; (3) Schedule production time through our normal co-packing services.”

The new facility will leverage the company’s expanded R&D services, in-house lab testing, increased production capacity, additional can sleeving services, expanded packaging services and full 3PL services to its customers.