Eltex claims its new Blue Bar system has more ionizing power than any shockless static bar available – producing the highest possible level of static discharge. A new patented technology is said to allow the bar to produce greater quantities of ions and project them over greater distances than other bars. The high output also makes them effective on web speeds up to 800m/min and allows bars to be mounted up to 150mm away from the target material.

The bar’s rigid structure allows for easy mounting over very wide webs, and the open channel design facilitates easy cleaning, according to Eltex.

There are several models to choose from, all with shielded co-axial cables to reduce EMI and RFI and allow easy installation against metal machine frames. The R50 Blue Bar has a fixed high voltage cable, whilst the EXR50 is Ex and ATEX approved for use in hazardous locations. The R51 has the same features as the R50, but with a detachable high voltage cable for ease of maintenance. All models can be supplied with a detachable air channel to extend the range of the bars.

To complement the Blue Bar range, Eltex offers a choice of compact power supply units, each with five high voltage outlets for multiple bar installations.



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