Birdcall will launch Ball Aluminium Cup across its operations as part of its sustainability efforts


Birdcall to launch the Ball Aluminium Cup. (Credit: PRNewsfoto/ Birdcall)

Birdcall, a fast-casual restaurant chain, has partnered with aluminium packaging company Ball Aluminium to launch Ball Aluminium Cup to reduce reliance on single-use plastic cups.

The partnership allows Birdcall to launch infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminium Cup across its operations as part of its sustainability efforts.

Birdcall joins Ball Arena in sustainable cup programme

Additionally, Birdcall joins Ball Arena in the sustainable cup programme in Downtown Denver.

Birdcall CEO Peter Newlin said: “Birdcall is committed to pushing ourselves to constantly think about sustainability.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the change Ball is making to sustainability and we are excited to join them in their incredible mission to offer an alternative to plastic cups with the goal of achieving 100% aluminium beverage packaging in our restaurants in 2021.”

As part of the launch, Birdcall will serve its signature draft beers in the 20oz Ball Aluminium Cup, which can be recycled endlessly while retaining the quality.

Additionally, Birdcall offers options to its customers to recycle the cup on site or take home to reuse.

Ball Corporation aluminium cups general manager Sebastian Siethoff said: “As our customers and consumers increasingly seek sustainable beverage packaging options, the launch of the aluminium cup is a significant moment for our company.

“We’re excited to bring the Ball Aluminium Cup to market and expand the product line next year.”

In September this year, Ball announced plans to build a new aluminium beverage can packaging plant in Pittston of Pennsylvania, US.

The company intends to initially invest more than $300m to develop the new facility, with plans to complete in mid-2021.

The new aluminium beverage packaging facility is expected to create around 230 manufacturing jobs.