BEWiSynbra will deliver fish boxes to Salmar's new slaughterhouse and processing plant in northern Norway


BEWiSynbra to supply fish boxes to Norway’s Salmar. (Credit: BEWiSynbra Group)

Sweden-based expandable polystyrene (EPS) producer BEWiSynbra Group signed an agreement with Norwegian fish farm company Salmar to delivery of fish boxes.

Under the terms of the long-term agreement, BEWiSynbra will deliver shock-absorbing boxes to SalMar’s new slaughterhouse and processing plant, InnovaNor, at Senja in northern Norway.

BEWiSynbra Norway general manager Rune Kvilvang said: “This is an important and gratifying agreement for us. We have had a long and good collaboration with SalMar on Frøya, where we deliver fish boxes to their slaughterhouse InnovaMar.

“We now have the opportunity to build on this collaboration and at the same time strengthen our investment in Northern Norway, a region we have great faith in in the future.”

BEWiSynbra begins construction on new EPS factory

To support the new collaboration agreement, BEWiSynbra has commenced the construction on new EPS factory, integrated with Salmar’s new slaughterhouse and processing plant.

The facility marks BEWiSynbra’s fifth EPS factory in the European country.

Salmar industry and sales director Frode Arntsen said: “We are proud to build Northern Norway’s largest and most modern salmon factory on Senja.

“InnovaNor is strategically important to us at SalMar, as the plant will give us significantly increased flexibility and further processing capacity in northern Norway.

“We are therefore very pleased that BEWiSynbra wants to strengthen its investment in this region in collaboration with us.”

In December 2019, BEWiSynbra Group has launched a new recycling facility in Portugal, as part of its plan to expand and strengthen its activities for collecting and recycling EPS.

Located close to one of the company’s existing production plants, the new recycling facility will receive the raw material from the Portuguese fish farming industry.