Fujifilm Graphic Systems and Rethmann UK are offering a system to reduce the costs associated with waste disposal from CTP engines.

The Recomasys collects waste from the processor and precisely doses an additive that lowers the pH of the solution. The system then blends the treated solution with the wash water from the processor to create an effluent that can be pumped to drain with consent from the local water authority.

The system is claimed to have a comparable and “often cheaper” operating cost to current conventional haul-away landfill rates while offering several additional benefits. These include no liquid waste to landfill; costs are not susceptible to change, as with landfill; no ‘environmental charges’ for paperwork, as with waste collections; on-site waste handling and storage and other associated risks are removed; and the plate processor waste is compliant to the customer’s consent to discharge requirements.

Graham Leeson, marketing manager at Fujifilm Graphic Systems, says: “Co-disposal of hazardous and non hazardous waste is expected to be banned around July of 2004. The number of hazardous waste landfills in England and Wales will plunge by 90 per cent, according to the Environment Agency. With reduced capacity, comes increased cost. We are working with Rethmann’s, our environmental partner, to develop systems for customers to keep their costs down while helping the environment. Recomasys is the first of these initiatives allowing printers to treat waste streams on-site.”


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