A new range of doctor blades said to be already well established in the French and German markets has been introduced into the UK by Engelmann & Buckham. The SurePrint blades are made “to a first class standard” in India, enabling manufacturer Convertech, to offer a very competitive price structure, says E&B.

The blades are produced to extremely close tolerances, with a lamella edge which can give up to six times the life of a conventional doctor blade, it is claimed. Additional advantages are said to include: constant contact area throughout the life of the blade; no changes in tonal values through uneven blade wear; consistency for easier colour matching; and the doctor blade pressure can be lower.

The standard SurePrint blade is suitable for standard rotogravure and flexo work with solvent or water based inks. For heavier duty applications such as particularly long run work or when working with abrasive inks or coatings, the SurePrint Plus version is said to offer an ultra refined microstructure for low friction, minimum wear and extended service life. Stainless steel blades can also be provided for special applications.



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