Garant Maschinen has developed a paper bag machine especially for the beverage can industry, where very long and narrow bags are used to package the can ends, and deliver them in a controlled way to the high speed filling lines. These bags - typically only 75mm wide, but around 1,400mm long - are usually produced on older, user modified bag machines, at slow speed and with a high reject rate.

Now Garant is offering its Matador XL servo driven flat and satchel paper bag maker to produce bag widths from 50-130mm, and cut-off lengths from 800-1,500 mm. Outputs of around 120 bags/min are said to be possible, with very good dimensioned tolerances in both the length and the width, and a much better reject rate than is the industry norm.

The machine also complies with all European noise and safety regulations – a growing problem in an industry where some machines are more than 40 years old.

Although designed for a single product, the volumes involved in the bevcan industry are considerable and Garant expects to sell several of its machines a year.