Chinese smart supply chain and logistics solutions provider BEST has collaborated with Beijing Yiside Logistics Technology to launch new eco-friendly packaging for express deliveries.


Image: BEST has replaced plastic express satchels with eco-friendly packaging. Photo: courtesy of Pascal THAUVIN / FreeImages.

BEST has decided to replace all of its current plastic express satchels with environment-friendly Nbags manufactured by Yiside.

Yiside’s new polyethylene (PE) bags are produced by using corn starch, and they help in around 30% reduction of plastic usage in the production of BEST’s express satchels.

The waterproof and tear-resistant Nbags are said to highly durable with only a 5% damage rate, and the cost of these bags are also similar to other current plastic satchels.

BEST said that sustainability is a key component of its mission to offer more efficient logistics and supply chain solutions.

After launching the  Green Initiative in 2016, the company  has introduced various initiatives to boost green logistics, including the better use of PE bags and digital waybills.

BEST senior vice president Zhou Shaohua  and BEST Express general manager Zhou Shaohua said: “BEST is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable growth for its express business and helping to promote the green development of the industry as a whole.

“By replacing all of the plastic satchels used in our express network with the new Nbag, we can help reduce the use of plastic by 900 tons and lower the emission of greenhouse gasses by 903 tons annually, equivalent to planting 50,000 trees.”

BEST’s multisided platform is said to combine technology, integrated logistics and supply chain services, last-mile services and value-added services.

The company’s logistics and supply chain services include B2B and B2C supply chain management, express and less-than-truckload delivery, cross-border supply chain management. It also provides real-time bidding platform to source truckload capacity.

BEST also offers last-mile services such as online merchandise sourcing and store management for convenience stores, as well as B2C services.

The supply chain network of BEST spreads across the country. It has branches and offices in 85 cities in China and established its own hub to better serve the customers.