The Optimel salads in SuperLock pot are easy to identify in the cold counter at supermarkets


Image: The Optimel salads in SuperLock pot. Photo: courtesy of RPC Group Ltd.

Berry Superfos, a unit of RPC Group, has provided a SuperLock pot for a new range of Optimel salads from Friesland Campina produced by the Dutch company Royal Smilde Foods.

With different shape and convenient lid, the SuperLock pot is said to be a suitable match for new Optimel salads.

SuperLock pot with striking blue coloured lid is used for the Optimel salads to help easily identify at supermarkets.

Optimel brand is offering three varieties of salads, including capsicum & cucumber, celery & apple, and curry. All three 175ml salads are free from fat and added sugar.

The round-shaped pack better differentiates Optimel salads from other cold salads

The round-shaped pack better differentiates Optimel salads from other cold salads that are mostly available in square packs in the Benelux.

According to the company, the different rounded look also highlights that Optimel salads are new and different salads, as well as contains significantly fewer calories than other salads.

Smilde product manager Janine Schraa said: “We consider the packaging to be a very important part of our product concept − and its success.”

SuperLock packaging solution helps the consumers to easily open and re-close the pack, enabling to save the remaining content in the fridge.

The in-mould label includes the Plastic Hero logo, which highlights the sustainable profile of the pack.

SuperLock container and the lid are produced by using mono-material or otherwise single type of plastic. It will help eliminate complex breakdown processes.

In October, Berry Superfos announced that it has developed new 1080ml tub for a range of Park Cakes-produced cakes for British food retailer M&S.

Developed for M&S minibite cakes, the recyclable user-friendly tub replaces the carbon black tub and lid with a semi-clear natural colour.

RPC Superfos is involved in the designing, development and manufacturing of innovative plastic packaging solutions for its customers. It offers injection moulded and thermoformed packs.