The new flip-top tube closure, which is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is designed to match squeezable PE tubes


Berry’s new HDPE closure designed to match tubes for a sustainable, single-substrate package. (Credit: Berry Global Inc.)

Berry Global Group has introduced new Divinity closure designed to match squeezable polyethylene (PE) tubes, to create a single-substrate package.

The new flip-top tube closure is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The packaging company said it has validated the recyclability of their tubes with HDPE bottles following the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) Critical Guidance testing.

In a press statement, Berry said: “While this does not guarantee acceptance of tubes in individual recycling programmes, this is an important step for fostering tube recycling. Berry is the only tube manufacturer that offers an HDPE flip-top cap for tubes.”

Berry Global product line management vice-president Sarah Groves said that the tubes are an ideal packaging format for a number of products. It is important to ensure that tubes are part of the sustainable packaging story.

Groves added: “By adding this Divinity HDPE flip-top closure to create a single-substrate package, brand owners can feel confident that Berry’s tubes support their sustainability goals for recyclability.”

PE tube and cap can be recycled into pellets

The packaging firm said that the tube and cap can be recycled into pellets, which can later be repurposed into other plastic products.

Berry Global sustainability director Diane Marret said: “Keeping the cap on makes it easy to recycle and reduces any confusion for the consumer.

“It also prevents the closure from being discarded during sortation due to its small size.”

The single-substrate tube with the Divinity HDPE closure is said to be an important part of the company’s Impact 2025, an initiative announced in 2019 as part of its sustainability strategy.

The initiative aims to focus on further increasing the company’s positive impact through their products, performance, and partners.

Earlier this month, Berry Global company Superfos provided its SuperLight container for Antaar&S’ new MakeGusto range of Italian ready meals.