The Twist-Up dispenser features the airless system that protects and maintains the efficacy of the cream’s natural ingredients


Berry Bramlage has provided 50ml Twist-Up dispenser for Alcina pre-aging cream. (Credit: Berry Global Inc)

Berry Bramlage, part of Berry Global’s CPI division, has provided the 50ml Twist-Up dispenser for skin and hair care specialist Dr Kurt Wolff’s Alcina pre-aging cream.

The Twist-Up dispenser is provided with an airless system to protect and maintain the efficacy of the cream’s natural ingredients.

Berry’s Twist-Up features hidden dispensing head for the prevention of inadvertent use. It will be revealed by turning the upper part of the container to enable the controlled dosing and application of the cream.

According to the company, the simple twisting of the container is accompanied by a clicking sound, which confirms the safe opening and closing each time.

Berry has used different decoration techniques to provide an advanced look to the dispenser

Berry has used a variety of decoration techniques to provide an advanced appearance to the dispenser, enabling to enhance the on-shelf appeal.

The company has applied hot foil stamping and metallisation for the headpiece and actuator, while the silkscreen printing and turquoise lacquering for the container.

Dr Kurt Wolff is already using Berry Bramlage’s 30ml version of Twist-Up for the company’s It’s Never Too Late serum.

In a statement, Dr Kurt Wolff said: “Twist-Up is ideal for these types of sensitive products because it provides effective protection of the contents and a positive user experience, while reflecting the brands’ premium positioning.”

In June this year, Berry Bramlage introduced a new range of premium jars for cosmetic and beauty products.

The company is offering a new Infinity Quartz range with different materials, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, finishes, and decoration options to better meet various product characteristics and branding objectives.