The Berry bpi’s new X-Enviro Laminate film provides a more sustainable alternative to traditional PET/PE and OPET/PE laminated films


Berry bpi’s new laminate film is developed as recyclable alternative to traditional laminated films. (Credit: RPC Group Ltd)

Berry bpi, a unit of flexible, rigid and nonwoven protective solutions provider Berry Global, has introduced X-Enviro Laminate, a recyclable alternative to traditional laminated films.

The new PE laminated film has been developed leveraging the knowledge and expertise from the production of its Formifor film.

Berry bpi said that the new X-Enviro Laminate combines the ability to be recycled with enhanced point of sale impact.

The laminate is claimed to provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional PET/PE and OPET/PE laminated films.

Berry bpi R&D Engineer Dries Devlaminck said: “Using the Formifor capabilities from our plant in Roeselare, combined with the lamination technique in Steinfeld, we are able to create finished mono-material laminates.”

Berry bpi’s X-Enviro Laminate film features high gloss finish

The film features a high gloss finish to deliver an enhanced look and feel for customers while allowing brands to further enhance their on-shelf presence.

Additionally, the film offers improved stiffness and strength, allowing for the production of stand-up pouches.

Dries added: “However, the most important and unique selling point is its recyclability, which provides our clients finally with a sustainable solution for their packaging material.”

Berry bpi R&D head Michael Kreymborg said: “X-Enviro Laminate can be recycled in appropriate collection schemes but we want to produce a film containing recycled content as well.”

Berry bpi said it is also working on further developments in a bid to offer its customers an enhanced sustainable packaging solution to meet their requirements.

Kreymborg further noted: “Successful trials of a backing film with 50% recycled content have already been achieved and we will continue to further enhance the product in the coming months.”

In July 2019, Berry Global Group acquired plastic packaging supplier RPC Group for a purchase price of approximately $6.5bn (£5.1bn).

RPC is a design and engineering company, which offers plastic and recycled products for packaging and selected non-packaging markets.

RPC Group operates seven divisions, including RPC Ace, RPC Bebo, RPC bpi group, RPC Bramlage, RPC M&H, RPC Promens and RPC Superfos.