Berry M&H has introduced a new 12ml standard square PET bottle for a variety of applications from beauty samplers to on-the-go accompaniments


Packaging supplier Berry M&H introduces 12ml standard square PET bottle. (Credit: Berry Global Inc.)

The UK-based plastic packaging supplier Berry M&H has introduced a new polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle designed for a variety of applications.

Made by using minimal material, the new 12ml standard square PET bottle still maintains its structural strength and integrity to provide effective product protection in addition to easy handling for the consumer.

Manufactured at Berry M&H’s BRC AA grade facility, the light weight bottle is compliant with the relevant food contact legislation and health and beauty regulations.

It can be used for a variety of applications from beauty samplers to on-the-go accompaniments.

The PET bottle and polypropylene closure are both recyclable

The plastic packaging supplier said that the new bottle with the polypropylene closure can be recycled and for certain applications the bottle can also be manufactured from recycled material.

The new standard square bottle is suitable for various sectors, such as individual beauty items or sample packs, or for sauces and salad dressings in the takeaway food market.

Last month, the company launched a new 50ml bottle suitable for premium hand care products.

The new bottle can be combined with M&H’s existing Evo Class pump to provide a complete dispensing solution for all types of moisturisers, lotions and gels.

The tubular design of the snap-on bottle can be specified in a variety of colours and creates an attractive appearance on-shelf.

In addition to providing easy handling and accurate product dispensing, the bottle can be produced in post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET to support and promote a brand’s sustainability profile.

In August this year, Berry M&H also introduced a new family range of square round PET bottles to meet the growing demand in the fruit juice market.