Bemis Healthcare Packaging, a packaging provider for medical devices, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic products, has launched Insura, a new seal verification technology designed particularly for medical device packaging.

21Mar - Insura

Image: Bemis Healthcare Packaging launched Insura for medical device packaging. Photo: Courtesy of Bemis Company.

Bemis said that the technology is a real-time, non-destructive visual indicator of seal quality which is imbedded into the sterile barrier system where, a blue color is generated only when seal is in proper conditions of chemistry, heat and intimate contact.

The company noted that its material science expertise has helped the company to engineer the technology platform Insure.

The blue color is generated during the sealing process, as a result of the combinatory chemistry added to the packaging substrates and the intensity of the color correlates to seal strength and can help identify defects.

Furthermore, the measurement can be taken in real time to confirm seals are in specification and through ETO sterilization the color is reversed to provide no visual difference to the end user.

Bemis Healthcare Packaging Marketing Manager David Vanden Heuvel said: “Collaborating with our customers and understanding their needs in this quality driven market led us to develop this exciting, game changing technology.”

In September 2016, Bemis Healthcare Packaging has introduced pouch, engineered to be child resistant, for the safe disposal of transdermal patches and inhalers.

The company said that it has expertise in blown film technologies, laminating and pouch conversion, using which, the company has successfully engineered the unique, protective solution.

Bemis said that it has designed the new pouch to help prevent accidental exposure to highly toxic drugs like fentanyl, a potent opioid pain reliever, and referred that according the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), young children and pets can easily remove discarded medicines from household trash.

The company suggested following the instructions on medication labels recommended by the FDA and other federal agencies and talking to health care professionals about safe storage and disposal of medicines.

Bemis Healthcare Packaging is specialized in the manufacture of coextruded, laminated, and flexible forming films, foil barrier laminations, pouches, bags, thermoformed trays, lids, heat seal coated DuPont Tyvek and medical grades of paper.