Cult-Favorite Functional Wellness Brand Builds on Distribution Momentum with Sprouts Farmers Market Launch and Aims to Engage Retail Consumers with Hot Pink Marketing


BelliWelli is debuting its new packaging –hot pink– marking the first time a CPG brand fully owns that color on retail shelves. (Credit: PR Newswire/ BelliWelli)

BelliWelli, a wellness brand celebrated for its delicious taste and digestive health properties, announced today its latest retail expansion into all Sprouts Farmers Market locations across the United States. Sprouts is the first national brick-and-mortar retailer to carry BelliWelli, joining other regional stores like Harmons Neighborhood Grocer, Earth Fare, Gelson’s, Central Market, and Mother’s Market & Kitchen as well as online in Amazon and Thrive Market. The retailer will carry BelliWelli’s Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinnamon Swirl, and Birthday Cake flavored certified low-FODMAP bars.

The entrance into retail marks a major step toward BelliWelli’s goal of being an accessible snack option to all those who struggle with digestive health, an issue that affects over 70% of adults in the U.S. This expansion will allow for growth into untapped markets with the goal of reaching new customers while also furthering BelliWelli’s omnichannel presence. It will present an opportunity to meet customers where they shop and provide a fully integrated shopping experience.

In addition to expanding distribution, BelliWelli is debuting its new packaging –hot pink– marking the first time a CPG brand fully owns that color on retail shelves. Community has always been a big part of the brand’s DNA, as it utilized Facebook groups to start and scale the business and social media crowdsourcing to determine ingredients and new flavors. Deciding on the packaging was no different, BelliWelli polled customers via email, Instagram, and TikTok to gather hundreds of responses on box and wrapping options to coincide with its launch into Sprouts. It will be used across all channels including BelliWelli’s site and online marketplaces.

“Expanding into a nationwide retailer like Sprouts will allow us to target a new audience and introduce BelliWelli to consumers who are searching for new belly besties or looking to improve overall gut health,” says Katie Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of BelliWelli. “Engaging and listening to our customers is what makes our brand so successful. We’ve built a powerful community at BelliWelli and are thrilled to partner with a prestigious retailer who shares our vision of offering natural and healthier alternatives that are beneficial and delicious.”

BelliWelli has established itself as a leader in the $280B functional food industry with its innovative products that were made by and for those with gut issues. Since launching in 2021, BelliWelli has experienced unprecedented growth making three figures in its first year. Its bars are the first gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and certified low-FODMAP treats on the market that don’t contain sugar alcohols, and are packed with a daily dose of probiotics and fiber. The brand has also coined the term “Hot Girls Have IBS”, launching a nationwide billboard campaign in Los Angeles, New York City, and Portland which has gone viral on TikTok and led to a 40 percent increase in sales.

Source: Company Press Release