Belgium cosmetics firm Mylène has selected RPC Bramlage’s Twist-Up airless dispenser for packaging its new Detox face cream and serum.

twist dispenser

Image: Mylène has packaged new Detox face cream and serum in RPC’s Twist-Up airless dispenser. Photo: courtesy of RPC Group Plc.

Part of the Detox complete facial care range, the Detox Face Cream and Detox Nutri Serum have been packaged in RPC’s airless dispenser.

The dispensing head, which is hidden for the protection of contents, can be revealed by turning the upper part of the container for allowing controlled dosing and hygienic application of the cream.

The 50ml Twist-Up for Detox Face Cream and the 30ml size for Detox Nutri Serum feature a lacquered brass upper section, enabling to reflect the premium image of the products.

RPC’s Twist-Up dispenser has been designed to protect the products’ natural ingredients and improve on-shelf appeal.

The dispenser’s white base is silkscreen printed in two colors and hot stamped with Mylène branding, helping to promote other two products in the range.

Detox collection includes four products, which provides protection against pollution and sunlight.

Detox Face Cream is comprised of anti-oxidants, which will form a protective layer over the skin and create a barrier against pollution.

Detox Nutri Serum includes vitamins and carotene complex to provide skin with protection against harmful effects of the sun.

In February this year, RPC Bramlage launched a new airless pump, XL5, which is suitable for large doses and can be used with ease.

The XL5 airless pump has been designed for a variety of professional applications including spa and hair care as well as for larger family size or promotional packs for body care and other personal care products.

Capable of being easily adapted to larger sizes of bottles up to 1000ml, the new pump can also be fitted onto the 500ml AirFree Vinci bottle, which is said to be ideal for family formats, RPC said.

RPC Bramlage is engaged in creating packaging and product solutions made from plastic for use in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, technical packaging and vehicle.