New from Clinical Print Finishers (UK), the patent pending Clini-Counter is a PLC controlled leaflet batch counter for the print and packaging industry that enables the user to batch count from one product up to one million with a total count of just less than 1 Billion.

Fully compatible with Danelec counters and accessories, the unit incorporates features such as ‘Calibration’ mode for counter accuracy testing, ‘Service Mode’ for machine maintenance prompting and ‘Quality Assurance Copy’ mode, which gives a QC copy for the user without affecting the total or batch count – ensuring total count accuracy. Accessories available include sensors, kickers external large format displays said to be compatible with most common industry units.

Next year, a new generation will be able to contain an ethernet port to link directly to production computers or send SMS (text) messages to production or engineers when certain counts are reached. A full repair service for existing units is also available.


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