The construction materials packaging is made using water-based Joncryl HPB dispersions to replace plastics with paper in the industrial packaging sector

New Eco-packaging applied by BASF Joncryl® HPB for Nippon Paint dry-mixed mortar product-2

New Eco-packaging applied by BASF Joncryl HPB for Nippon Paint dry-mixed mortar product. (Credit: BASF SE)

German chemical company BASF and coatings maker Nippon Paint China have jointly introduced eco-friendly industrial packaging, adopted in the Nippon Paint dry-mixed mortar series products.

The packaging material is launched for Nippon Paint’s dry mortar products using BASF’s water-based acrylic dispersion Joncryl High-Performance Barrier (HPB) as the barrier material.

According to BASF, industrial packaging will witness its water-based barrier coatings for the first time in China.

Joncryl HPB is said to have vapour and water resistance capabilities that allow it to replace plastics used in conventional packaging and increase the recyclability of paper-based packaging.

Its use in the Nippon Paint dry-mixed mortar series products is anticipated to save thousands of tonnes of plastics and reuse close to 10,000 tonnes of paper bags annually.

Joncryl HPB will assist in the preservation of forests, land, water, electricity, and other resources, lowering carbon emissions and fostering the development of a circular economy and the sustainable growth of the packaging sector.

BASF Asia Pacific Resins for Printing & Packaging Business Management Director Carol Jiang said: “Sustainability and innovation have always been our core strategies. At BASF, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers to help them reduce carbon footprint, utilize resources efficiently, and help the industry fulfil its sustainability commitments.

“This cooperation with Nippon Paint is another innovation in the industrial packaging segment, marking our joint effort in leading the industry development, promoting a circular economy, and creating a better life.”

Nippon Paint China Procurement Headquarters president Kevin By said: “Sustainability is an important strategy that Nippon Paint has been adhering to for years. The cooperation with BASF is a step forward on the path of green development.

“Nippon Paint will continuously be a green ‘activist,’ connecting upstream and downstream partners across the industry chain to build a green ecology through the eco-upgrade of product packaging and lead the new trend of sustainable packaging to green development a core competency.”

In February this year, BASF unveiled its new adhesives for paper labels Acronal RCF 3705 and Acronal RCF 3706.