An unprecedented joint Grand Prix has been awarded in the UK glass packaging industry’s Shine Awards. The joint award was shared by Jon, Mark and Robbo’s Whisky, winner of the Wines & Spirits category and the Schweppes Indian Tonic Water ‘Alice bottle’, winner of the Non-alcoholic category.

Organised by Glasspac, the packaging promotions arm of British Glass, the awards attracted over 100 entries with Shine Awards being won by Jon, Mark and Robbo’s in the Wines & Spirits category, Marston’s Pedigree in the Beers and Ciders category and Schweppes Indian Tonic in the Non-alcoholic category. Baileys Glide was highest placed in the Pre-mixed spirits category, whilst the Shine Award in the Food category went to Branston’s Pickles and the International award went to Next fruit juices.

Glasspac’s newly-appointed director of strategy and communications Andrew Hartley said: “The overall quality of the 2003 entries was excellent, something that has been recognised by the judges in awarding a joint Grand Prix.

“The joint prize reflects the flexibility of glass, which is the only packaging material capable of meeting two such diverse packaging briefs. On one hand a premium hand finished low volume pack for the spirits sector, and on the other a high volume returnable pack for the on-trade.

“No other material is asked to meet such diverse briefs and both packs are stylish, technically excellent and have created a superb brand image. So much so that this year’s judges were unable to choose between them.”

Hartley added: “The Shine Awards are important, not just for the winners, but also as a showcase for the new techniques the glass container industry can now offer packaging designers. During the last four years the Awards have demonstrated how the practical application of new technology, design processes and decoration systems can be combined to create stunning packs.”

This year’s awards attracted four major sponsors – Emhart Glass, supplier of equipment, controls and parts to the glass container industry; Ferro Corporation, supplier of specialty coatings and colours; Brunner Mond, producer of alkaline chemicals to the glass industry; and Spear, supplier of labelling systems to major beverage companies worldwide.