The new resound NF bio-filled grades are based on polymers such as polypropylene (PP) with 15 to 20 percent bio-based filler


Avient Launches New Bio-Filled Polymer Grades at Fakuma 2021. (Credit: Avient)

Avient today announced the launch of new bio-filled polymer grades at Fakuma 2021, the international trade show for plastics processing. This new offering strengthens its sustainable solutions portfolio and responds to customer needs.

The new reSound™ NF bio-filled grades are based on polymers such as polypropylene (PP) with 15 to 20 percent bio-based filler. The filler is sourced from plant waste that would otherwise be landfilled, which in turn would create methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide.

The new materials have a pleasing aesthetic compared to alternative natural fiber-filled polymer grades, are fully colorable, and can be formulated to meet various regulatory compliance standards, making them suitable for consumer applications such as household items and personal care products.

One early adopter of the new materials is Turkish toothbrush brand, Difaş. Looking to differentiate in the market and meet the desires of consumers, Difaş worked with Avient to develop a solution for toothbrush handles, combs, and hairbrush handles that utilizes natural filler while also offering high-end colorability and durability.

“The new bio-filled polymer from Avient has enabled us to reduce the carbon footprint of a range of our products by reducing the consumption of petroleum-based polymers. This has enabled us to work toward our sustainability goals, while bringing new competitive solutions to the market,” said Cevdet Yüceler Owner and Chairman of the Board at Difaş.

“Demand is rising for consumer products that utilize more recycled and renewable materials. Avient material science experts are continuously developing innovative solutions that enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce overall impact on the world’s resources,” said Matt Mitchell, director, global marketing at Avient.

Source: Company Press Release