Alpla Group’s new brand, dubbed ALPLApharma, is aimed at customers in the pharmaceutical industry

alplapharma closuer

CRC justONE is a new light and childproof closure (Credit: ALPLA Group)

Austrian packaging solutions provider Alpla has unveiled a new brand, known as ALPLApharma, to better serve its pharma customers.

The company said that the new brand has been created by combining its expertise and services for the customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

During the launch of the new ALPLApharma brand at CPhI event, the company will present new CRC justONE light and childproof closure. The event will be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 5 to 7 November.

Alpla has expanded its operations in Europe and Africa, with acquisitions in south-eastern Europe and Africa in previous years.

According to the Austrian company, ALPLApharma is a brand of the Alpla Group and not a legal entity of its own.

ALPLApharma is a new brand that consolidated expertise and services for customers in the pharmaceutical industry

At present, the product portfolio ranges from bottles for liquids and solids and containers for tablets and pills to closures and dispensing systems for eyedroppers and nasal sprays.

The portfolio also includes devices for administering medication with and without measuring function.

Generally, the childproof closure includes three parts with a tamper-evident band, which can only be opened by simultaneously pushing and turning the closure.

The parts are manufactured in three separate production steps and then assembled later. ALPLApharma has streamlined the production process to produce all parts in just one injection moulding process with straightforward assembly.

The CRC justONE closure is certified under 16 CFR § 1700.20 and ISO 8317 for childproof packaging for bottles ranging from 30 millilitres to 1.5 litres.

Alpla closure systems, injected parts and pharma global sales director Walter Knes said: “We are consolidating all our previous work for pharmaceutical customers under this brand.

“In doing so, we are combining the specific expertise available to us through our new locations with all of our services, knowledge and globally applicable standards.”

In August this year, German consumer goods firm Henkel has collaborated with Alpla to invest over $130m (£107m) in infrastructure and equipment for a new bottle production area at Henkel’s Bowling Green facility in Kentucky, US.