Middle-market private equity firm Aurora Capital Partners has acquired thermal packaging solutions provider Cold Chain Technologies for an undisclosed sum.


Image: Aurora Capital has acquired thermal packaging solutions provider Cold Chain Technologies. Photo: courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay.

Based in Franklin of Massachusetts, Cold Chain Technologies provides single-use and reusable passive thermal packaging solutions for the shipment of temperature-sensitive materials in the life sciences industry.

Aurora partner Mark Rosenbaum said: “CCT has built a premiere reputation in the cold chain packaging industry where the high cost of product spoilage has driven an intense focus by life sciences customers on quality and reliability.

“With the Company’s long list of blue-chip clients and track record of organic growth, we believe CCT is well-positioned as the best platform in the industry to continue to grow with its customers both domestically and internationally.”

Cold Chain’s products are used in various segments of the life sciences industry, including commercial manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, clinical trials, specialty pharmacy deliveries, and direct-to-patient shipments.

The company, which was established in 1967 to mainly serve the life sciences supply, has developed a range of modular single-use and reusable parcel and pallet shippers, thermal pallet covers and phase change materials.

Cold Chain’s product portfolio is comprised of qualified shipping solutions such as parcel systems and pallet systems, as well as refrigerants such as gel phase change materials (PCMs), foam bricks and gel bottles.

The firm also produces insulated containers and temperature monitoring solutions such as indicators and data loggers.

The engineering and technical staff of the company provides custom packaging design and development, as well as different technical and product qualification services to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Cold Chain Technologies CEO Larry Gordon said: “While our ongoing success has enabled us to self-fund our extensive growth over the past 21 years, it became clear that finding the right partner would allow us to accelerate our growth plans.

“We couldn’t have found a better partner than Aurora to help us continue to exceed our customers’ expectations as we expand globally, develop exciting new products, and grow our reusable solutions offering.”